About Us – Hurford Salvi Carr

Hurford Salvi Carr London stand at its clients’ disposal since 1996, welcoming them with a team of employees with extensive experience in conducting real estate brokerage.

Our Services

We focus in particular on the timeliness and reliability of our company and thanks to our extensive experience, our local property estate agents check constantly, whether products and services provide client satisfaction, and if they’re perfectly suitable to their needs and expectations. We are concerned with the continuous training of staff (north London estate agents or central London estate agents), to always be aware of what is new and to be always ready to face challenges. We follow our customer satisfaction at a high level by offering the best possible combination of price and quality of products and services required by clients. The good relation between departments during collaboration is a serious capital and added value that we offer to our customers.

Our Porfolio

With a history of over 3000 sales of new homes in more than 200 real estate projects, our properties for sale or lease portfolio daily improves with new and highly attractive properties. For any desired property, we offer dozens of variants, in the old or new all parts of the city, presenting advantages and disadvantages and right surfaces, comfort, quality finishes, presenting comparative prices on the real estate listing market, offering financing solutions and providing comparative alternatives in other areas.

Property Solutions

From London flats to rent or to house lettings our real estate agents London are trained to provide only the highly efficient solutions.

Our properties estate agents will always be ready to offer you property advice and only best assistance services so feel free to ask their help anytime!